Vocabulary Builder 1.33
(taken over by words)

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A vocabulary building program! Use it to practice for SAT, GRE, GMAT or any vocabulary intensive examinations, or simply to increase your vocabulary. Still available but no longer maintained.

ProgrammerAmit Shrestha

No longer maintained. This software has been taken over by http://words.sourceforge.net/
If you're interested in building your vocabulary, you should also check out Ultimate Vocabulary's vocabulary builder. This software uses 7 learning strategies and has large word lists that cover GRE, SAT, success vocabulary, grades 1-10, ESL, etc

Using the program

The program asks you a series of Multiple Choice questions. You can either click on the choices or press the option number from the keyboard (for example, Press 1 for option 1).

You can jump to the next word by pressing Enter, or display the answer for the question by pressing ESC (which means Give Up).

Other commands: press e to Edit the current word, m to mark the current word Mastered (the word will not be tested again). You can choose the type of words you wish to practice from the File menu. The default choice is Practice All Words.


  1. View Statistics

    This tool helps you to track your progress. It also provides you a grade (from D to A++) depending on the number of words you have mastered.

  2. Dictionary

    Just type a word and click Search!

  3. Edit Word List

    This tool makes editing the words easier. It is especially helpful to categorize words and to get rid of words you already know by marking them Mastered; Mastered words will not be tested. This is also the only tool that allows you to unmark Mastered words (in other words, mark them "Unmastered").

    Please note that any changes you make is automatically saved. The option to undo the changes will be provided in future versions of the program.

    How To Edit

    1. Editing Meaning

      Double Click on the box containing the meaning you want to edit.

    2. Editing Example

      Double Click on the box containing the example you want to edit.

    3. Changing Category

      Single Click on the box containing the category you want to change.
      Select the category from the list that appears.

    4. Marking Words Mastered

      Single Click on the check boxes in the Mastered column.
      Mastered words will not be tested."

Downloading the Program

If youv'e been using an older version of the program (less than 1.33) and you want to keep your progress history/changes you will have to convert your old word-database (the file data.txt in the program folder) to the new format. Click Converting from old to new .

  1. For all systems
  2. For Windows only.
    You have two options:
    1. Option 1
    2. Option 2
      Old version. Use this option only when the first option does not work for you.

Frequently asked questions

What is Vocabulary Builder?

A program to build your vocabulary! It asks you a series of multiple choice questions. You can edit the words, categorize the words to make them easier to memorize, and even track your progress! It also has a built-in dictionary. Note that this program is no longer maintained. A newer project has taken over : Please visit http://sourceforge.net/projects/words/

Is it a freeware?

Yes, it is. Now released under GPL. Please visit http://words.sourceforge.net/